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Young people and IT

At Annadale Technologies we have a strong passion for programming, and we are keen to encourage students to develop this passion for computers at a young age and to consider choosing a career in IT.

As part of this aim, we are involved in various initiatives to foster talented young people’s interest in programming, and we keep track of web communities that make IT accessible for people of any age.

The Annadale Technologies Summer Placement Program

We have developed a Summer Placement Program that will begin in June 2011. Three local students have been selected to take part in the program, which takes place at our Kerry offices between mid June and the end of August.

For six to eight weeks the students will be given various coding and problem solving tasks to carry out, with one-on-one guidance and web-based training provided as needed. Upon completing the summer placement the students will have a good knowledge of the Java programming language, the Oracle database system, advanced Javascript techniques, and they will also have learned how to work within a Unix/Linux environment. Exposure will also be given to advanced functional languages on the Java Virtual Machine, such as Clojure.

As part of our involvement with Kerrysoft - a network of technology companies across Kerry - we are collaborating with several other companies in the delivery of this program.

Making computer science fun for beginners

Much negative commentary has been written about the mathematics and science syllabuses in Ireland, and many teachers and academics bemoan the fact that the exam-based assessment methods used do not promote real learning.

Below are some excellent blogs, competitions and websites that go towards addressing this, and making science and maths more fun for students:

  • The F1 in Schools™ challenge, powered in Ireland by the Irish Computer Society, is a response to a recognised skills shortage in computing and engineering, with technology courses having experienced a significant decline in CAO applications over the past number of years. 
  • An Irish science teacher’s blog and commentary on recommended changes in the way science is taught in Ireland. 
  • An excellent example of how a secondary school’s science community is making science fun online
  • ‘Computer Science for Fun’, developed by Paul Curzon, Peter McOwan and Jonathan BlackSchool of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science of Queen Mary, University of London.