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Annadale Technologies founder nominated for Ernst & Young Award

Denis McCarthy, Managing Director of Annadale Technologies Ltd. has been nominated for the the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2011. The award is a global recognition programme, to identify, acclaim and support entrepreneurs. The programme is currently run in over 50 countries, across six continents. The Irish programme, now in its 13th year, has been identified as one of the strongest worldwide.

The judges are people in business who have achieved success in their own right. Thus, all nominees are judged by their peers. Judging criteria include growth in turnover and employee numbers, as well as vision, degree of innovation, creativity in production, marketing and selling, and expansion in local and international markets.

In the media:

Click this link to see the video profile of Annadale Technologies, here to see a ‘behind the scenes’ view of ‘entrepreneurship at Annadale’, and here to view the full article from the Irish Times, 30th May 2011.

Profile: Denis McCarthy, Managing Director, Annadale Technologies Ltd.

Founder of Annadale Technologies, Denis McCarthy, has always had a passion for numbers. After graduating with a degree in Mathematics from Trinity College in 2000, Denis began working as a software developer at Omnipay Group. He later worked with FEXCO, Killorglin, Co. Kerry, before establishing Annadale Technologies in 2004.

The company’s flagship software solution is a web-based, highly secure money-transfer application which was initially designed to be used across FEXCO’s Western Union franchise. Following Western Union’s takeover of the FEXCO franchise in 2009, Western Union recognised the strong benefits the application would bring to their business globally, and opted to proceed with rolling it out worldwide. Overnight, Annadale Technologies’ target footprint for the software had gone from 5,000 agents in 5 countries to well over a quarter of a million agents in practically every country in the world.

Annadale Technologies continues to develop mission-critical software for Western Union to this day, while at the same time looking for new business opportunities. “We’re currently developing credit card processing software that we’re really excited about that should be ready before the end of 2011. We have decided that we’re only going to develop something if we’re confident it’s going to be the best in its class, and we are keen to maintain that approach”.

The company employs 14 people at its base in Killorglin, and have recently developed a sales presence in London. Denis says they have plans to expand: “Developing great software is not capital intensive, so long as you have the right people. Our primary goal is to attract the sort of people who share our value of delivering quality work to major clients.”

Annadale Technology’s policy of developing employee skills is a top priority. The developers are given the opportunity to lead their own development projects, which creates a very exciting, interesting and sometimes challenging working environment.

Denis is very optimistic about the future for Annadale Technologies: “I definitely think our best years are ahead of us”.

Annadale Technologies specialises in the design and development of large scale web-based transaction processing applications, catering primarily to the financial services industry. In addition to its focus on the remittances industry, the company provides credit card processing software and web-based self-service kiosk applications.


Annadale Technologies’ clients include Western Union, FEXCO and Owens McCarthy.

Has your Irishness contributed to your success? 

As our main customer is based in the USA, it certainly hasn't hurt. There is a great rapport between Americans and the Irish, and that does give us an advantage. Our American customers definitely enjoy their trips down to Kerry, where they learn all about the Irish approach to having the craic!

Irish people also tend to work hard and have a reputation of ‘going that extra mile’. Our team works with clients across many different time zones and our out-of-hours support and commitment to serving our customer has been key to our success.

How do you recharge your batteries? 

Reading, walking, playing soccer and going for the occasional pint.

What advice would you give an entrepreneurs starting out today?
Try a bunch of things and see what works. Don’t be afraid to switch direction if you see a good opportunity after you have started your company.