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Annadale Technologies specialises in the design and development of high performance, mission-critical online transaction processing (OLTP) software and self-service applications for the financial services industry.

Founded in 2004, Annadale Technologies has become one of the world's key providers of transactions solutions for the remittances industry, having designed and developed a mission-critical money transfer solution for the Western Union Company which is being rolled out across over 150 countries worldwide.

Since 2006 we have broadened our product portfolio to include intuitive self-service kiosk applications that enable our customers to offer complex services without a resultant increase in payroll costs.

Building on our extensive knowledge of the transactions and payments industry we have designed and developed a next-generation payment processing solution that will enable our clients to process any type of financial message, with the capability to handle a very high volume of messages at any one time.

By combining our knowledge gained in the transactions and payments industry with our technical expertise we deliver exceptional value to our clients.