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The team at Annadale Technologies has strong expertise in the design and development of Dynamic Web Applications that are capable of handling multiple transactions simultaneously. We provide Fortune 500 companies with high performance transactions software tailored to meet their current needs, and future proofed to anticipate future requirements.

Our flagship web application was developed for the world's leader in remittances services, and handles thousands of Money Transfer transactions per minute in over 150 countries around the globe. Other products developed to date include our Claims Management application that enables insurance firms to manage claims throughout the claim lifecycle, and bespoke Contact Centre Technology which facilitates the centralised control and upgrade of contact centre software without any associated slowdown in performance.

Our Approach

We recognise that many large-scale software development projects can fail due to a fundamental lack of understanding of the underlying business requirements by the development team in question, and their inability to translate those requirements into a technical solution.

However, we overcome this challenge by knowing our client and their individual business objectives. By integrating this awareness into our service offering we provide a dynamic solution that will meet our clients' current requirements, and that can be flexibly adapted to their future needs.

Through following this approach we remove any risk from the project, putting the customer at ease and rapidly accelerating their return on investment.

Why select Annadale Technologies for your mission-critical project?

With experience in building world-class, mission critical systems for Fortune 500 companies, Annadale Technologies has the expertise and know-how to give clients the best advice on all aspects of designing and developing transaction processing systems.

Our skills in building web-based rich internet application front ends for financial services, combined with our appreciation of the challenges faced by businesses managing high volume Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems makes Annadale Technologies an ideal partner for businesses considering how to improve their transaction processing operations.