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Since 2004 Annadale Technologies has grown from a niche provider of high performance money transfer software to a global player in the payments industry.

Annadale Technologies was founded in 2004, and since that time it has rapidly grown to be one of the most significant software providers for the global remittances industry.

The company was founded by Denis McCarthy with the aim of developing WUPOS (Western Union Point of Sale) - a bespoke intelligent thin-client transaction processing application for the Western Union business franchised by FEXCO at that time. In 2009 Western Union International bought WUPOS and opted to replace their legacy systems worldwide with the application, leading to the rollout of the software across over 150 countries.

In late 2006 the team identified the need for web-based kiosk applications in the transactions industry, prompting Annadale Technologies to develop a variety of customer-facing self service kiosk applications that are designed to improve the efficiency of transactions such as money transfer, bill payments and the process of retrieving VAT on purchased goods.

Since 2009 the Annadale Technologies team has applied its extensive knowledge and expertise in the payments and transaction industry to the development of payment processing capabilities, with the objective of handling cost-effectively the very large transaction volumes that are required to make low per-transaction-price points sustainable.