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At Annadale Technologies we have years of experience building mission-critical transaction processing solutions for the financial services industry. From speaking to major players in the industry, we have recognised a clear need for modern solutions in the payment switching space.

It is clear that companies are often constrained by legacy switching systems that are not flexible enough to cope with changes in the industry, and they need viable alternatives that empower rather than constrain them if they are to grow their business profitably.

Novate from Aviso

We have partnered with FEXCO to launch Aviso, a payment software company that brings Novate to market. Novate is a highly flexible and powerful payment messaging application delivered as a modular suite of payment functions.

The service oriented architecture of Novate is designed to allow individual modules to seamlessly integrate not only with one another, but also with other payment systems - empowering Novate users to cost effectively adapt their switching infrastructure to meet changing requirements.

By integrating with existing systems that can cope with Business As Usual payments, Novate can help our customers to make change while protecting their existing technology investment - enabling them to make the most of their technology spend.


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