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Integration into your system


Integration into your system

Aviso provides full support to our customers throughout the entire implementation process. Aviso acts as a true partner to our customers - we are there to provide services and support as and when required.

At the outset we focus on understanding and documenting your needs in a specification on which you sign off and we provide a final estimate. We also make clear who will do what, and when. That is, what we will do and what we expect from you.

As we progress with the project we will provide you with regular updates from our project manager and meet with you to discuss progress and resolve any issues. You will know how we are doing against the schedule and, if it is a T&M project, against costs. At each step we will work with you to ensure that you are able to progress from implementation to live operation quickly and efficiently.

Robust test harness allows for a fast, low-risk implementation

When we deliver, the system will have been extensively tested using our integrated test harness, so that when we deploy the system on your site you can begin your own acceptance and certification testing. We work to the highest quality standards, but should there be any errors in the software we will resolve them swiftly, just as we would support a production system.

Finally, should your requirements change, we are flexible enough to incorporate the change into the project and will work with you to re-plan with the objective of helping you meet your critical dates. We are a dependable partner who will work with you all the way to help realise your payment system requirements, quickly, cost effectively and as painlessly as possible!