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Business Problems Solved

We adhere to the Agile process in the design and development of mission-critical Bespoke Dynamic Web Applications. Our approach places strong emphasis on analysing the client's needs, ensuring that the solution is not only best-in-breed, but also a best fit for them.

Who we provide solutions for

We typically work with companies in the financial services industry, such as insurance claims specialists, tax processing providers, remittances companies and large banks.

We also design and develop solutions for large retailers who experience high costs across their IT infrastructure, and who wish to leverage their transactions and payments functions to enhance revenues across their business.

Typical business problems:

     •      Organisations that suffer from slow processes, seeking a fast, automated solution

     •      Large companies with bespoke legacy software that is too expensive or out of date

     •      Global firms with duplicated systems managing their transaction processing functions

Sample applications

     •     Money Transfer

Our flagship Dynamic Web Application, developed for a global leader in remittances, handles thousands of money transfer transactions per minute. The elegant architecture has significantly enhanced the transaction process through improving usability and reliability of the application while also reducing the average time-per-transaction by a third.

The client has also seen a radical reduction in maintenance costs for the system, and moving to a web-based platform has removed the need for downtime while upgrades are taking place instantly across the entire system.

     •     E-banking

We have designed and developed an e-banking money transfer application that can be integrated into any bank's online banking platform, enabling the customer to use a global money transfer service from within their online banking account.

This has enhanced each bank's offering to their customer, and has widened our client's scope for delivering their global remittances service.

     •      Contact Centre Technologies

As part of the development of a major money transfer application, we integrated contact centre functionality into the application. This facilitates the centralised control and upgrade of contact centre software wihtout any associated slowdown in performance.

     •      Claims Management Solutions

We worked with a medium sized claims assessor who faced significant problems due to information siloing, which reduced each manager's ability to track the claims management process. Our solution has removed this problem through the centralised management of key information, and several workflow processes configured throughout the system.