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Our Expertise

Transaction processing applications served over the web are more flexible, more easily maintainable, and more secure than applications hosted locally on individual clients, and the introduction of AJAX Web 2.0 techniques for such web applications has opened up new vistas of productivity for online users.

The Annadale Technologies team possesses deep industry and technical knowledge that we use to help our clients to design ways to solve their major business problems, with minimal capital investment where possible.


Understanding that security is a central concern for our customers, Online Security is one of our core competencies. Annadale Technologies can provide a number of different security solutions for businesses, from X.509 client certificates to hardware-based One Time Password (OTP) systems that can be flexibly integrated into any online application.

Most companies offering customised security solutions are hardware companies with a limited appreciation of the software space. Annadale Technologies is different, with an ability to completely tailor a security solution to ensure that each client's business needs are met, as well as ensuring that the relevant compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS compliance are also fulfilled.


At Annadale Technologies we understand that for large companies any amount of downtime in their IT systems - be it customer facing or internal - can bring about significant costs. For this reason we advice our clients on how to develop software that exhibits 99.999% availability, with zero downtime required for upgrades or bug fixes.

The Annadale Technologies team has many years of experience in developing high volume transaction processing systems in modern RDMS systems. With experience in building ultra-high volume systems in Oracle and building low-cost, high-performance systems in MySQL, Annadale can ensure that the database architecture chosen for a particular system will scale to what is required by each client.