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How we deliver the solution

We follow 4 key steps when designing and developing a kiosk application:


Analyse the client, their business and IT environment, their customer base and business objectives.

Understanding of this backdrop is key to developing a suitable kiosk application.


Co-create the technical specification for the desired application.

This involves integrating with the existing main system and fitting with the desired hardware environment.


Design and develop the application placing emphasis on usability, in line with the Agile methodology.

Our approach to developing intuitive, user-friendly self-service applications gives project stakeholders the flexibility and visibility they need to plan the project effectively, and helps ensure that both developers and business leads are on the same page in every step of the process.


Deliver the application quickly, winning praise from all stakeholders for the usability and quality of the application.

We go beyond customer expectations, delivering extremely high quality software within time and budget, dramatically improving time to market.