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Key Features & Business Benefits

Business Benefits include:

Reduced Over-the-Counter (OTC) time: for many merchants the provision of additional services incurs a significant pressure on OTC time. Using the kiosk, consumers can complete all or part of the transaction process, with quick transaction processing facilitated by pre-populating fields based on previous transaction history.

Reduced labour time required: through automating high frequency, repetitive tasks self-service technology frees up employers' time to focus on the work which adds greater value to the business.

Digital signage: Annadale Technologies has developed a comprehensive suite of software to configure, manage and maintain content designed for display on virtually any form of digital signage system, allowing for advertising or customer information.

Increased footfall and revenue: through providing the opportunity to complete transactions in a fast and secure manner using advanced self-service technology, retailers can increase footfall, resulting in increased revenue.

Increased Revenue: through providing a fast and secure method of purchasing financial products using self-service technology, additional revenue streams are put in place without placing further pressure on customer representatives.