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Key Features of Novate from Aviso

Key features of Novate from Aviso include:

Security & Compliance

Novate complies with PCI-DSS and all relevant industry and network regulations. Novate is compliant with security standards such as EMV, 3DES and conforms with e-commerce encryption requirements. It is also designed to support most Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Furthermore, compliance with industry and network mandates is provided as part of our support and maintenance agreements.

Reliability & Performance

Novate runs in a multi-node active-active environment to guarantee 99.999% availability and uses load balancing to maximise processing efficiency. The Monitoring Portal allows users to configure a dashboard which displays the key performance and business metrics, providing a real-time view of system throughput.

Scalable & Open Approach

Novate can be deployed on any hardware which provides a JVM, enabling our customers to make maximum use of existing hardware and system investment and to reduce costs by choosing lower-cost hardware and operating systems of which operations teams already have experience.

Small footprint

The architecture of Novate means that users need only deploy the components that are required for the applicatin. This provides a small code footprint, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective processing.

High throughput

It is imperative to be able to process large volumes of payments efficiently to minimise cost, and to eliminate volume as a growth inhibitor. Novate can cope with massive transaction volume and has been designed to handle billions of payments annually.

Interface Config Tool

The interface message scripting tool allows Aviso and our customers to build new interfaces quickly. This has the benefit of reducing interface development costs and timescales and also helps to empower our customers to become self-sufficient in interface creation should they so choose.

Easy integration with legacy systems

Many organisations have made heavy investments in legacy switching platforms, which have become an integral and vital part of their business. Novate/MT can be used to help reduce the impact, cost and time to market of change to their businesses and turn their technology into a business enabler rather than an impediment to change.

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