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Annadale Technologies has identified the need for self-service solutions to enable end-users to interact with complex financial services in a retail environmnet without requiring human interaction.

We have patented technology customised to work in the POS and Kiosk environment that enables Money Transfers to be made via a a self-service kiosk. Fully automated transfers are catered for, where consumers process Send transactions using a CHIP & PIN credit or debit card and validate identification using an integrated ID scanner if required. Additional functionality available includes VOIP, receipt printer, call centre interaction and digital signage.

We have also successfully developed a self-service platform which facilitates Financial Products Purchasing, such as the purchase of savings bonds, from initial look up, through to full payment and bond certificate issuance.

Other self-service applications include Tax-Back Processing and Bill Payments.

Our web-based solutions bring all the benefits of web applications - such as instanteous estate-wide updates, increased auditability and security, and dramatically reduced upgrade costs - with the added ability to control POS or Kiosk hardware such as tills, receipt printers or credit card readers.

The provision of self-service kiosks which facilitate multiple types of transactions - from money transfer to bill pay - helps large multiples and banks enter different and new distribution channels by offering innovative services.